Acceptable Guide Standard

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  • Each set of step must belong to an appropriate subcategory for easy navigation.
  • Pages must broadly follow the layout of the E3D-v6 Assembly and should refer users to steps in the original documentation rather than duplicating it.


The following sections are required:

  • Tools Needed
  • Things to Print (with links)
  • Things to Buy (with links)
  • Assembly steps

Also nice to hare are:

  • Firmware & Software Information (where applicable)
  • Basic printing guidelines


  • Printer-specific instructions should be fully qualified such that a user who has recently purchased the printer would be able to follow.
  • It is OK to link users to external content to supplement explanations provided that it is relevant and concise. However as much information should be on the actual wiki page itself as practical.


  • Use images, they make instructions far more palatable than a wall of text. View the source of the E3D-v6 Assembly page for a good way of displaying images alongside their associated instruction.
  • If you are creating a guide in exchange for credit on the website then your guide should include at least 2 relevant images.
  • Avoid videos, they are hard to edit and fork.