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The initial order of fixings from our supplier contained errors. This error applies to all Kickstarter rewards that include fixings as well as customers who purchased a BigBox or BigBox Fixings Kit after the campaign.

When the fixings kit is corrected, it will be labelled Fixings Kit - Revision 2 and this error list will no longer apply.

Fixings Errors

Bag 1
20mm x 40mm 2:1 Heatshrink Black - 6 listed, requires 8.
3.1mm OD x ~5mm OD x 5mm Nylon Standoff - 16 listed, requires 18.
Bag 2
M3 Microbarbs - Should be M2 Microbarbs.
Bag 4
M2.5 Square Nuts - 2 Listed - Hex Half Nuts supplied instead and can be used in place of the square nuts.
Bag 6
M3 Ext Lock Washers - 47 listed, requires 77.
Bag 7
M3 6mm Screws - 4 listed, requires 8.
Bag 14
M4 12mm Grub Screws - 2 listed, requires 6.

Any additional or missing fixings have been added to the Stretch Box (BigBox orders) or the fixings bag (Fixings Kit orders).

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