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Prepping the SD Card

OctoPrint Website.


Click the Download link.


OctoPrint is packaged into a downloadable .img distribution which has been designed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. This packaged is known as OctoPi.

You will need to download the latest version of the distribution and write it to your SD Card.

To begin click Download OctoPi.

(Marlin is mentioned later on... this is the firmware written to the memory (EPROM) on the Rumba)

Write to SD.

You'll need to unpack the .img file into a folder, we recommend 7zip to unpack the archive. Be warned it expands to over 3gb.

Once you have extracted the file following the instructions on the Raspberry Pi website for writting .img files to SD Cards | installing images.


Writing the image to the SD Card.


While you wait for the card to finish you can download an SSH terminal program.

We use PuTTY | Download.


Insert the card into the slot with the contacts facing up.


Look through the slot to see where the card fits, and so you don't insert it above or below the contacts.

Push the SD Card into the slot.

The slot is spring loaded so you should feel the card click into place.


Make sure you have a network cable plugged in at the back, also check the other end of the cable is plugged into a router or similar.

Turn on the power.

Terminal Configuration


Load up PuTTY.

You'll need to discover the IP of your BigBox. The easiest way is to check via your router.

Enter the IP into the Host Name box and click Open.


Read the alert and click Yes when you are ready continue.


Login to your BigBox.

Username | pi
Password | raspberry

Note: Nothing will appear on the screen when you type in the password. This is normal for Linux based systems.


At the command prompt type sudo raspi-config.


You will now be presented with the Raspberry Pi Software Configuration Tool.

Make sure Expand Filesystem is highlighted, then hit enter.


The SD will be expanded.

Hit Enter to return.


This is all you need to do.

However if you would like to make other changes, such as altering the hostname, which can be done via the Advanced Options menu selection, please feel free to do so.

After you have made the changes highlight Finish and press enter.

The next screen will ask you if you would like to reboot, Do not reboot.

Do Not Reboot.

Do not press enter to reboot.

Login Options & Update


Point your favourite browser towards your BigBox Printer by entering the IP into the address bar.

Upon a successful connection you will be invited to Configure Access Control.

The choice is entirely yours as to whether you use the login function.


Swap back to PuTTY and hit enter to reboot.


The server will go offline.

You can close PuTTY as it is no longer required.

(If you want to setup the camera you will have to login again after completing the steps below)


After a few minutes OctoPrint will come back to life. If not, push the refresh button or F5.

If you are presented with an Update Available pop-up, click Update Now.

You may only get the update AFTER you login (if you setup access control)

Note: The system will restart during the update process. If this does not happen a window will pop up asking you to manually restart. This can be done via the System drop-down menu.


After the update has completed you will be prompted to Please Reload, click Reload Now to do so.

You may get a system restart FAILED if so wait and you will shortly get the Reload Now button


Logged In.

If you have made an account login to your BigBox.

Logged In.

Click Settings.

In Serial Connection using the drop-down menu change,

Serial Port /dev/ttyACM0
Baudrate 230400
Tick | Auto-connect to printer on server start

Printer Profiles.

Click Printer Profile and click the edit profile icon for the default profile.

Change the following fields;

Name: BigBox
Model: Pro Dual for Dual
Colour: Your Choice
X: 300 260 for Dual
Z: 280
Tick: Heated Bed
X: 3000
Y: 3000
Number of Extruders: 1 2 for Dual

Printer Temperatures.

Click Temperatures.

You can add filaments and change settings as you wish.

Printer GCODE Scripts.

Click GCODE Scripts.

Leave Before print job starts and After print job completes blank as this is done in the slicer profiles, available from the BigBox Software section.

To After print job is cancelled add;

(note that these commands below in bold go right at the start)

G1 X70 Y200 F3000
G1 X70 Y240 F3000

To After print job is paused add

M117 Printing Paused.

To Before print job is resumed add

M117 Printing Resumed.

To After connection to printer is established add

M117 OctoPrint Connected.

Printer Appearance.

Click Appearance.

Title: BigBox Pro or BigBox Dual
Colour: As you wish

Click the big blue Save button.


Into the Connect window and from the dropdown menu set the Serial Port to /dev/ttyACM0, set the Baudrate to 23400 and tick Save connection settings. Then click the Connect button.


It will take a few seconds to connect. Once it does you'll get temperature information and the contents of the SD Card will display on the screen.


Click the Control tab and you'll be able to see the video stream.



Click Settings, Plugin Manager then the big grey Get More button.

Plugins By Date.

A new browser window will open listing the latest plugins. Scroll to the bottom and click More...


Click the link for the EEPROM Marlin Editor

Highlight the text in the Installation window.


Paste the link into the ... from URL box and click the big blue Install button.


Click Close after the intallation has completed.

Finished installing.

There are quite a few available plugins.

We like to install a few in addition to the EEPROM Editor;

Printer Statistics This plugin is configured in OctoPrint's Settings



You can skip this step if you'd like to leave out recording the print.

Open the Timelapse tab on OctoPrint.

Set the Timelapse Mode to On Z Change. FPS to 60 and the Timelapse post roll to 1.


Open the Terminal tab on OctoPrint.

Into the command box type G28 to home the printer and then type G29' to level the bed.


Open the Temperature tab on OctoPrint.

Set the nozzle temperature to 210°C and the bed temperature to 50°C.


Load the 3dbenc~1.gco file into OctoPrint by clicking on the folder icon in the files list. Then click the big blue Print button.

Swap to the Control tab to see the printer do it's magic.

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