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Frame Components

1 x Back Panel.
2 x Front Panels, left and right sides.
1 x Left Panel.
1 x Right Panel.
1 x Base Panel.
1 x Lower Support.
2 x Upper Supports, left & right sides.
18 x Heated Bed Parts, 1 x Top 1 x Bottom, 4 x Large Struts, 2 x Medium Struts, 2 x Small Struts, 4 x Corner Nut Traps, 4 x Corner Tops.
2 x Top Panels, left & right sides.
5 x LCD Parts, front, top, bottom, left (with SD Card Slot) & right.
9 x Miscellaneous parts, 5 x Base Struts, 2 x Spool Holder Brackets, 2 x Ooze Bucket Brackets.


Rumba with fitted Stepper Drivers. 4x for Pro & Lite and 5x for Dual.
PT100 Amplifier board, two PT100 boards for Dual.
IR Sensor Probe for Z-Axis.
24v Variable-Power-Density Heated Bed.
A/C PSU 400W.


1 x 24v 60x60x10 Exhaust Fan.
1 x 24v 40x40x20 Blower Print Fan, 2 x for Dual.
1 x 24v 30x30x10 HotEnd Fan, 2 x for Dual.
1 x 12v 50x50x10 Electronics Fan.


3 x 400-Step Stepper Motors (4 x for Dual), X-Axis, Y-Axis, Extruder(s).
2 x 200-Step Stepper Motors, Z-Axis.


  • 1 x 532mm - Y-Axis Rear-Bar.
  • 2 x 484mm - X-Axis.
  • 2 x 384mm - Y-Axis.
  • 4 x 364mm - Z-Axis.
  • 2 x 325mm Spool Carrier (4 included for the BigBox Dual).


E3D HotEnd(s)

V6 Heatsink.
V6 Heatbreak.
V6 Block.
V6 0.4mm Nozzle.
V6 Fan Duct.
PT100 with 1700mm leads.
24v Heater Cartridge with 1700mm leads.
Plastic Bowden Clip, single part.
Embedded Plastic Bowden Coupler, two parts.


Printed Parts


Fixing List pdf |

OctoPrint Upgrade Extras

Raspberry Pi 2 & 8GB MicroSD Card.
DC/DC Converter.
75cm 15-Pin Flat Flexible Cable (FFC).
50cm USB A to Mini B Cable.
10cm USB A To Micro B Cable.
35cm Rumba to DC/DC Converter Cable.

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