Cyclops/Chimera on IndieLC

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Initial Considerations

Parts needed to assemble the X-Axis carriage
  • This mounting system is currently untested - Work in Progress.
  • Once trialled additional Assembly pictures will be uploaded.
  • The standard IndieLC currently only has one Extruder on the X-Axis, an additional Extruder will be required to be attached to the Z-Axis (further information to follow).
  • An External Stepper Driver Board will be required to be attached to the Minitronics for Dual Extrusion. Or alternative electronics fitted.

Tools Needed

  • All the tools in the Cyclops/Chimera assembly steps.
  • 2.5mm Hex Drive/Wrench for M3 fixings.
  • 3mm Hex Drive/Wrench for Low Profile M5 Screws.
  • 8mm Combination Spanner.

Things to Print

Things to Buy

  • Plenty of filament to play with :)

Assembly Steps

Render of the IndieLC Mount

1) Assemble E3D's Cyclops or Chimera following the instructions on the main Wiki Page.

2) Download and print this alternative X-Carriage for the IndieLC from GitHub.

3) Secure the Cyclops/Chimera to the X-Carriage as shown in the Assembly Diagram using the supplied mounting screws.