Cyclops/Chimera on Kossel pro/Kossel mini

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For installing Cyclop or Chimera extruder on Kossel printers you will need:

Assembly Steps

1) Follow assembly instruction on the main page.

2) Download modified Kossel effector from thingiverse:
Kossel Effector[1]
Kossel Effector with recessed holes for probe mount[2]

Mount printed effector on printer

3) Mount printed effector on printer, you will need 3 M3x12mm screws.

Mount assembled hotend on the effector

4) Mount assembled hotend on the effector, DO NOT PUT THERMAL GREASE YET! Note heater block orientation.

5) Install heater and thermistor, slightly tie down set screws on barrel just on one side first. Then turn heat on, and heat-up extruder to 200-240 degrees. After reach temperature tie down heat brakes, firstly on side with loose set screw, after tightening this heat break, tight a set crew, and loose set screw on other side, and repeat tightening other heat brake, and nozzle as well. Dont forget tie down side set screws.

6) After let hot end to cool down, pull heat breaks out and apply thermal grease.

7) Install cooling fan, and optional install another fan for the fan duct.

8) Insert bowden tubes, make sure they pushed all way in.

9) Feed filament in by hand until it reaches hotend, turn heat on and feed filament by 1mm, continuously switching extruders, until it comes out of nozzle. After loading you can start printing.

Happy Printing

Feel free to modify it if you find any typo or to make it looks better.
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