Cyclops/Chimera on Velleman k8200

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Initial Considerations

I will assume in this guide that you have a PCB supporting 5 axes (X, Y, Z, E0, E1)

  • This guide describes the complete mounting situation including
    • Cyclops / Chimera mount with integrated fan mount
    • Bulldog XL extruder mounts (right &left)
  • The Cyclops / Chimera mount can be used in combination with any other extruder designs
  • This design gives you the advantage of a (almost) direct drive extruder situation because of the short tube connections.

For mounting a BulldogXL please look at [1]

The black gear box covers have to be replaced by the BulldogXL mounts.

The BulldogXL mounts each have 3 mounting holes and it is up to you to fix them with one or two screws each, depending on how many screws/square nuts you have.

For connecting the PTFE tubes you need E3D bowden adaptors.

Tools Needed

  • All the tools in the Cyclops/Chimera assembly steps
  • Allen key #4 (for M5 bolts)
  • cutter (to cut the PTFE tubes tot he appropriate length)

Things to Print

Things to Buy

for Chimera / Cyclops mount:

  • E3D Chimera / Cyclops [2] (PTFE Tube material included)
  • 2 Bolts M5 x 16
  • 2 Washers
  • 2 Square Nuts M5
  • 3 Hex Distance Bolts M3 x 15 (one end male, one end female)
  • 3 Bolts M3 x 16
  • Fixing screws for the fan

for Bulldog XL mounts:

  • 2 BulldogXL extruders
  • 2 Bowden Adaptors from E3D [3]
  • 2 (4) Bolts M5 x 16
  • 2 (4) Square Nuts M5

Assembly steps for Chimera / Cyclops mount

  • Remove and disconnect your current extruder and hotend from the printer
  • Place the apropriate number of square nuts to the carrier profile includeing the nuts to be used for the extruder mounts
  • Assemble the Chimera / Cylops hotend with the heatsink as described in the corresponding documentation
  • Screw the hex distance bolts into the heat end (finger tight will be sufficient)
  • Insert the 3 M3x16 bolts in the holes of the Chimera / Cyclops mount
  • Fix the heatsink to the Chimera / Cyclops mount
  • Mount the unit to the carrier bar using 2 M5x16 bolts, 2 washers and 2 in a previous step inserted square nuts.
  • Mount the fan to the reverse side

It is recommended to use plugs for the electrical connection of the heater cartridges and the temperature sensors.

If you have ordered the Legends Pack including Chimera and Cyclops pluggable connections will make it easy to switch and it will save you a lot of time.

In my configuration I designed a switching box for this purpose.

Assembly steps for BulldogXL mount

  • Disassemble the BulldogXL as shown here:
  • Replace the black gearbox cover with one of the BulldogXL mounts.
  • Reassemble the extruder
  • For the second extruder you will have turn it 180 degrees around its motor axis
  • Fix the mounts with 1 or 2 M5x16 bolts tot he carrier bar using the square nuts inserted in a previous step.
  • Insert a piece of 4 mm PTFE tube into the heasink as far as possible (for both sides)
  • Mark the tubes at the point where they reach the bottom of the extruder
  • Cut the tubes at the marked point
  • Insert the ends to the E3D Bowden adaptors
  • Place the adaptors tot he extruders
  • Fix them with the groove mounts (one of them has to be turned by 180 degrees around the filament axis).
  • Make the electrical connecions (plugs are recommended as above)

Firmware & Software Information

I followed the advice from E3D and switched to Repetier V0.92, a few points to watch out for are:

  • Every time you make an update to configuration.h remember to toggle between EEPROM set 1 and 2, and restart the arduino software each time.
  • I had to:
    • invert direction on one oft he extruder motors
    • (If using Chimera) set the offset of extruder 0 (left hand side) to -18 (or do this in your slicer)
    • set max temperature to 290 degrees