E3D-Lite6 on German Reprap NEO

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The German Reprap Neo is plug and play 500-600€ price range printer with is very easy to use and the perfect chose for beginners (Manufacturer web page).

By adding an e3D Lite6 hot-end you will improve print quality and you will also fix the problem with spare part availability: in fact it’s not possible to replace damaged original nozzle or hot-end tube without buying the full set (75€ for the nozzle with heating cartridge + 25€ for the PEEK cold end and PTFE tubing).

The e3D Lite6 installation will also allow you to print wood filament which is not possible with the original nozzle due to clogging problems.

The e3D hot end that should be ordered for the German Reprap Neo is the 12V rated.

What you need

  • Cross Head Screwdriver.
  • Socket head wrench size 2
  • Small pliers.
  • 3 screws M3 x 25mm or 30mm.
  • 3 washers M3 with and external diameter of 8mm.
  • 3 nuts M3.

Assembly Steps for German RepRap Neo upgrade

First of all, assembly of the E3D-Lite6 HotEnd should be performed using the guideline E3D-Lite6 Assembly.

Things to Buy

M3 screws, washers and nuts.

You will be able to find the following simple small hardware in any good hardware store:

  • 3 screws M3 x 25mm or 30mm.
  • 3 washers M3 with and external diameter of 8mm.
  • 3 nuts M3.

I was able to buy this items for less than 1€ in German hardware store Bauhaus with no problem.


Fan wiring installation.

Installation of the wires for the Fan should be performed by following this guide from the manufacturer: Led installation guide.

Instead of the led you are installing a fan but plug on the bottom of the printer is the same so as the wiring path.

Hot-end installation

e3D lite6 on German Reprap NEO.

Remove the original hot-end but unscrewing the top junction (the place where the PLA wire is entering the hot-end).

Remove 3 of the original screw as shown on the picture and replace them by the purchased ones with are longer.

Place the assembled e3D lite6 hot-end where the original hot end was installed, the support bottom hole is matching perfectly the diameter of the top ring from the e3D lite 6 cooling head.

Once in position use the washers that fit between the top ring and the one just below if the cooling head and tight everything in place with the nuts.

Install the fan clamp.

Z limit switch adjustment

Z axis limit switch move.

Unfortunately the e3D lite6 hot-end is longer than the original German Reprap one, so the Z axis limit switch should be slightly move downward.

Just unscrew the top screw with is fixing the Z axis limit switch, then turn on the left the switch (the bottom screw remain at the same place).

In order to fix the switch so it’s not moving, place back the removed screw in the empty hole, then the witch will be block.

Software changes

Due to the move of the Z axis limit switch the printing height is smaller than the original height.

In your printing software (Repetiter Host, Simply 3D or another…) set the printing height at 138mm instead of 150mm.