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We offer a range of different motors, to help you find the right one for your application here is some guidance and examples for each of our motors.

Compact but Powerful

This motor is lighter and shorter than a typical NEMA17 motor, however it produces almost as much torque. It is suitable for driving geared or direct extruders and is used on our Titan extruder. It is also suitable for printer axes, provided they are light duty, eg: a dual leadscrew Z axis that uses 2 motors.


This ultralight motor produces just enough torque to drive a geared extruder, it's intended use is to give the lightest possible extruder. In the majority of cases it will work with our Titan extruder however there is minimal engineering margin. If you are running a Volcano or high extrusion rate, you may run into issues.

High Torque Axes

This is motor is a good all round work horse, primarily used for driving printer axes.

Super Whopper

This motor is for when you need extra grunt and motor mass is not an issue. Best used when you want a fast accelerating axis where the motor is static.

If planning on using this motor, we suggest using a high current stepper driver such as the DRV 8825. Whilst standard drivers such as the A4988 can produce the 2.0A rated current of this motor, this is at the limit of their specification so they may be prone to overheating, triggering their thermal overload protection. This will cause the motor to stop running, but won't damage any circuitry.

Also, note that the step angle for this motor is 1.8 degrees instead of 0.9 degrees on the rest of our range. If upgrading to a super whopper ensure that your firmware's steps/mm are adjusted accordingly (i.e. doubled)


This motor uses a planetary gearbox with a 5.18:1 reduction. This gives you up to 196Ncm of torque without the need for high current stepper drivers, however you will not be able to run this motor as fast as an un-geared one. The main application of this motor is in direct extruders.


This motor has a 365mm leadscrew integrated with the motor rotor. By integrating the two rather than using couplings to join a separate motor and leadscrew, both eccentricity and resonance are reduced, giving a smoother more accurate axis. These motors are ideal for use as Z axes, but can also be used in X and Y if really rigid, smooth axes are required and high speed is not needed.

As standard these motors are supplied with a Delrin lead nut. However this can be upgraded to an anti-backlash nut, which removes any trace of play between the screw and the nut, ideal if your printer uses retraction vertical lift or if you are using this motor in X or Y.


File:Compact But Powerful Datasheet.pdf

File:Slimline Datasheet.pdf

File:High Torque Axes Datasheet.pdf

File:Super Whopper Datasheet.pdf

File:Geared Datasheet.pdf

File:Leadscrew Datasheet.pdf

File:Anti Backlash Nut Datasheet.pdf

File:Motor Connector Cable Datasheet.pdf