E3d-v6 on TAZ 4

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Equipment needed

  • 2.5mm & 3mm Allen keys (provided with TAZ)
  • Soldering
  • 1x 4-pin headers (for thermistor & heat catridge)
  • 1x 2-pin headers (for fan)
  • 3D printed mount
  • 2x M3 screws 20mm (mount)
  • 2x M3 nuts (mount)
  • 3D printed fan duct (optional)

Assembly steps

Removing Budaschnozzle

First unscrew the top allen on the TAZ extruder mount and disconnect the motor, fan and nozzle in order to remove the extruder from TAZ. Unscrew the 2 allen at the bottom side, left and right side of Budaschnozzle, to remove the nozzle.

Assembling E3D-v6

Follow the assembly steps as described detailed here


Solder the 2 blue cables of the heat cartridge and the the black-red of the thermistor to a 4-pin header.

Check the Budaschnozzle connections and connect the E3D-v6 accordingly (the 2 pins for the heat cartridge and the 2 for the thermistor)

Solder the fan cables to a 2-pin header. Then pass a long cable in the extruder harness. You can either connect it through the pins or pass the same cable out of the harness and into the controller box connecting it straight on the extruder fan 1 positions.


Print this mount.
Mount for E3D-v6 on TAZ 4
It fits perfectly but if for any reason you need to make adjustments it is easy with the provided scad file to modify it.
  • You place the E3D-v6 in it and screw it tight. Not much force is needed.
  • Put the mount in between the other two printed pieces of the extruder and screw it in place.
  • Connect the 4-pin header to where the Budaschnozzle was connected and the fan to the new cable that you put through the harness.

Flashing firmware

BEFORE flashing the TAZ remember to note the steps configuration. Follow the first set of instructions from here.

then download the Marlin source code from here.

Find and open configuration.h file and find the following defines and update the values as below:

  • #define TEMP_SENSOR_0 5
  • #define BANG_MAX 150
  • #define PID_MAX 155

in the Configuration_adv.h file set:

  • #define EX_FAN_0 FAN1_PIN
  • #define EXTRUDER_FAN_SETUP 4
  • #define EXTRUDER_AUTO_FAN_TEMPERATURE 40 //desired temperature to turn on extruder fan
  • #define EXTRUDER_AUTO_FAN_SPEED 255 // == full speed

in the planner.cpp at line 506

below #if defined(EXTRUDER_FAN_SETUP) && EXTRUDER_FAN_SETUP > -1 replace the one line with the below comment out

  • //analogWrite(EX_FAN_0,tail_fan_speed);

and add

  • analogWrite(FAN_PIN,tail_fan_speed);

Now connect your PC use the Arduino IDE and flash TAZ.

PID Autotuning

Connect to the printer using pronterface and send the command

  • M303 E0 S200 C8

At the end it will give you some values like the ones below:

  • Code: Select all
  • Recv: Clasic PID
  • Recv: Kp: 48.25
  • Recv: Ki: 4.66
  • Recv: Kd: 124.91

and set them using the following command:

  • M301 P48.25 I4.66 D124.91

Setting extruder steps

Using your Graphical LCD controller update your Esteps by navigating to: Control (or Configuration) > Motion > Esteps/mm. Adjust the value there by using the control knob.

Save the value by navigating back through the menu and select Store Memory.

Re-calibrate Z-axis

Home the Z-axis and adjust the Z-axis knob to re calibrate the printer since the E3D-v6 will be a bit lower that the Budaschnozzle.

New air duct

If you want to have air flow on your extruded filament you should replace the one provided with TAZ since the air flow goes higher as was the Budaschnozzle. You can use this and adjust it. Place it while you have set the Z-axis on home in order to make sure that the fan is not too low, should not be touching the bed.