Frame Fixings

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Each 'frame fixing' as used in this manual consists of:

1 x M4 18mm screws
1 x M4 square nut
1 x injection moulded 'frame lug'.

You will find all these in the BigBox Fixings Kit.

There is a technique to fitting these - we've tried a couple and the best seems to be pre-fitting the nut into the lug, and holding this in place against the flat side of the lug-space on the frame. Tighten the M4 screw up whilst holding against this flat side, and the square nut should hold and start to pull the lug in after a few turns.

Whilst in stage 1 of the assembly it's also important not to tighten these fixings too much. The final stage of the build will be tweaking all the fixings correctly. Allow for a little movement, for now.