Groove Mounting Plates

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Grove Mounting Plates

E3D Groove Mounting Plate

Our groove mounting plates are designed to complement the the 12mm groovemount found on all our V6 and V6 Lite hotends, allowing easy assembly of a hotend into a printer. The plate should be attached to a printer's carriage with screws or bolts, the groovemount section of the heatsink can they be pressed into the plate by hand, thus rigidly clamping the hotend in place. The plates are designed to fit tightly with the groovemount, so it may take considerable force to fully mate them together.

The mounting plates are made from precision machined POM, a very wear resistant plastic, so the hotend can be taken out and refitted multiple times without causing any harm to the mounting plate.

Engineering drawing: File:Groove Mounting Plates.pdf

Link to shop page: V6 Groove Mounting Plate