OctoPrint Camera Installation Guide

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Raspberry Pi Camera.
  • 1 x Raspberry Pi Camera Module (Pi Box).


Unclip the FFC ZIF socket clip.

Long FFC.
  • 1 x 750mm FFC (Pi Box).

Remove the 15cm FFC supplied with the camera and insert the 75cm FFC.

Angle FFC.

Bend the FFC as shown in the image.


Place the camera module into the Camera Mount as shown.

Note: The camera sits at a slight angle in the Mount.

  • 2 x M2 8mm Screws (Bag 4).

Secure the camera to the Mount with the screws. Note: The screws grip into holes in the plastic so be careful not to over tighten them.

FFC Conduit.
  • 2 x FFC Conduits (Pi Box).

Note the position of the groove in the FFC Cable Conduit. This groove needs to be seated against the frame so the FFC can pass through it.

FFC Conduits.
  • 4 x M3 12mm Screws (Bag 9).
  • 5 x M3 Hex Half Nuts (Bag 5).

Secure the two FFC Conduits to the inside of the frame as shown.

Camera Brackets.
  • 2 x M3 16mm Screws (Bag 10).
  • 2 x M3 Square Nuts (Bag 6).
  • 2 x Top & Bottom Camera Brackets (Pi Box).

Assemble the camera bracket Brackets.

  • 2 x M3 10mm Screws (Bag 8).
  • 2 x M3 Square Nuts (Bag 6).

Attach the lower Bracket to the frame.

Camera Arm.
  • 1 x Camera Arm (Pi Box).

Place the camera Arm onto the lower Bracket.

Both Brackets.
  • 2 x M3 10mm Screws (Bag 8).
  • 2 x M3 Square Nuts (Bag 6).

Attach the upper Bracket to the frame.


Feed the FFC through the slot in the camera arm.

Note: Check the cable is in the correct orientation.

Clip on.

Clip the camera Mount on to the camera arm.

Note: The clip can be very right. Be careful when clipping the two together.

Camera FFC.

Take hold of the FFC as shown.

Camera FFC.

Thread the FFC through the slot in the frame.

Camera Conduits.

Continue to pass the FFC through the FFC Cable Conduits.

Lower Support.

Feed the FFC through the slot in the Lower Support.

Camera FFC.

The FFC should look like this.

Bend FFC.

You will need to add a 90° bend in the FFC.

To get a better understanding of how the FFC needs to be bent read through the next few steps before fully bending the cable.


Pinch the FFC at the bend where you think the 90° bend needs to be.

90° Fold.

Once you are sure of the 90° location bend and flatten the cable.

  • 1 x Adhesive Strip (Pi Box).

Attach the double-sided strip to the back of the FFC as shown.

FFC stuck.

Remove the backing to the adhesive strip, position the FFC against the frame and press the strip firmly against the frame.


The Camera is now installed.

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