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Completed fan assembly.

If you are building a Hybrid BigBox you can skip this step.

Fix the two parts together back to back to create a single assembly, as seen, with the 8mm screw & square nut.

Turning the fan mount over, line up the blower fan and attach using an M3 x 22mm screw, inserting square nut on the rear side. Tighten.

Use the 2x M3 30mm screws to attached the rest of the fan corners, note that there are no nuts. These are fitted at a later stage.

The wire comes out the side.

It is worth checking that the mount moves smoothly in the X-Carriage before you assemble it on the printer as the fans have to be moved up and down on the slots for calibrations etc. and it is difficult to clean them up once assembled.

Note : You'll need two assemblies for the Dual, the additional fan for the Dual is in the Dual Extruder Box.