Pro & Lite X-Carriage

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BigBox Single Extruder X-Carriage.

By hand, run a 4mm drill bit through the centre hole.

Insert M4 x 20mm screws in at an angle but do not over tighten, they must not protrude into the 16mm hole where the HotEnd fits.

If they don't go in properly don't force them as they could cross thread. Take care to ensure screws are aligned.

Help pull the M4 Square Nuts into the four corners using M4 x 16mm screws.

Note : Use needle-nose pliers for pushing nuts in to awkward positions.

Incorrectly Fitted.

It is recommended that you test fit the Extruder Heatsink in the X-Carriage.

Due to very close tolerances the Heatsink can be difficult to install.

You can use a needle-file or a small piece of sandpaper to gently smooth-out the hole.

This photo shows an incorrectly fitted Heatsink.

Correctly Fitted.

When fitted correctly the Heatsink will sit flush with the X-Carriage.

This photo shows a correctly fitted Heatsink.