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Please read the BigBox Pre-Build section before beginning to work on your BigBox. It contains important information about how to assemble your printer, a list of all the fixings with bag numbers and tools you will need.

If you have a Factory Assembled BigBox you can skip straight to Your First Print!

BigBox Versions Overview

E3D supported versions

BigBox Pro
BigBox Dual
BigBox Pro Hybrid Titan
BigBox Dual Hybrid Titan

Derived versions

BigBox Pro Hybrid
BigBox Dual Hybrid

Special (community built) versions

BigBox Dual Hybrid Titan Mirrored


Kickstarter upgrade to Hybrid/V1.1

Design Files - Plans & Parts List

The BigBox Design Files are available from Thingiverse at |

BigBox Pre-Build

What’s In the Box.
Fixings Errors.
Exploded Diagrams.
Tools required.
Recommended tools.
Estimated Build Time.
Health & Safety.
Tips & tricks.
Hex-Half Nuts in Engraved Frame Holes.

BigBox Parts Preparation

Y-Axis Rear Brackets.
Y-Axis Front Brackets.
Y-Axis Belt Idlers.
Single & Dual Extruder Filament Idlers.
X-Axis Idler Carriage.
X-Axis Motor Mount.
Pro & Lite X-Carriage.
Dual X-Carriage.
Heated Bed Corners.
Outer Spools Rear.
Spool Holder Outer Fronts.
Print Cooling Fan.
Y-Axis Motor Mount.
IR Sensor Bracket.
Spool Carrier Clamp.
Z-Axis Drag Chain Anchors.
IEC Socket.

BigBox Printer Sub-assemblies

Single Extruder.
Dual Extruder.
X-Axis Assembly.
Electronics Cover.
Spool Carrier.
Z-Axis Bed Assembly.
Z-Axis Drag Chain Assembly.
Base Assembly.
Frame Assembly.

Printer main assemblies: Step By Step Assembly Process

Y-Axis Rear-Bar Assembly
Y-Axis Rear-Bar Installation
X-Axis / Y-Axis Assembly
X-Axis / Y-Axis Installation
X-Axis Motor Installation
X-Carriage (Pro & Lite)
Y-Axis Endstop
Y-Axis Motor Install
Y-Axis Belts
X-Axis Cable Conduits
X-Axis Drag Chain
Frame Top
Spool Holder Brackets
Cable Spine
Frame Ancillaries
Control Connection
Pro / Lite Printhead Assembly
Dual Printhead Assembly
OctoPrint Upgrade Camera Install
Prepping The Wiring
Fitting The Base
Power-On Test
Tuning The Stepper Drivers
Closing Up the Base
Y-Axis Frame Endstop
Ooze Wiper & Dump Bucket
Spool Carrier

Printer Commissioning

Belts, Pulleys & Rods
Glass Build Plate
Ooze Wiper
Zero X & Y
Z-Axis Calibration

Your First Print

Loading Filament
Calibrating The Filament

BigBox OctoPrint Upgrade

Prepping the SD Card
Terminal Configuration
Login Options & Update

BigBox Support

The best place to go for further help and advice is the BigBox forum.

BigBox Software

The BigBox software tool-chain.


BigBox Community Generated Help & Guides

BigBox Forum | Guides, Mods, and Upgrades (A huge collection of help, tips and tricks).
Livi's BigBox Pre-Build Guide
Livi's MLP Edition Exploded Diagrams (Note some may be out of date, but they are still a great reference).
John's 3D Build & Printing Tools
Liam's Printed Parts Check-List
Shao's BigBox Dual Build Log
Using platformio to flash firmware from RPi

BigBox printer projects

Picture - A digital camera powered by the Raspberry Pi and designed to be 3D printed with a BigBox!
Handled Drills (Hole Reamers) - Sometimes an electric drill is simply too powerful for delicate parts. The answer is a handle for your drill bits!