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E3D-v5 Spares Store

Spares for your E3D-v5 are available through the E3D-v5 Category on our website.

Generic Assembly Instructions

E3D-v5 Direct

E3D-v5 Assembly Manual (Direct)

E3D-v5 Bowden

Follow firstly the instructions for the v5 Direct E3D-v5 Assembly Manual (Direct)

Then follow the bowden-specific instructions E3D-v5 Assembly Manual (Bowden)

Video Guide

Also available is a video assembly guide by Tom Sanladerer. 3D printing guides - Assembling the E3D v5 hotend

Printer-Specific Assembly Instructions

Solidoodle - Guide by HunterGreen on the Solidoodle Wiki Velleman K8200 - Guide by Jake Carter on the E3D Forum

Download Links

STL for v5 Fan Duct Thingiverse (114036)

Engineering Drawings

E3D-v5 Heat Sink Drawing
E3D-v5 Heat Break Drawing
E3D-v5 Rev 3 Heater Block Drawing
E3D-v5 Rev 5 Heater Block Drawing