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LulzBot TAZ 5 with E3D Upgrade Kit.

This page provides a full guide to installing the a E3D LulzBot V6 hotend and E3D Titan Extruder onto your LulzBot TAZ 5 3D printer. Ensure the printer is switched off, unplugged and cooled down before beginning, we also recommend that you unplug the power supply from printer as an additional precaution.

The STL files are available on Thingiverse.

The final assembly has been designed to be drop in replacement for the original TAZ 5 head. However, there are a few changes required. Make sure to follow the instructions in the Filament Cooling Fan Voltage section before switching on your upgraded printer. There are also a few Parameter Changes which need to be made for the upgrade to function correctly.

If you would like to convert your existing LulzBot Upgrade Kit to use the Volcano heater block and nozzle, please go to the Volcano Conversion section.

Full assembly instructions from the ground up and printed part files can be found on the LulzBot TAZ 5 Upgrade V6-Titan Assembly Guide page.

This kit is based on an upgrade originally developed by Olivia Lam - many thanks for her contributions.

Recommended Components

Complete Assembly.

Filament Cooling Fan Voltage

The V6 HotEnd heatsink fan is much larger than the stock TAZ 5 fan, it also runs on a higher voltage. As such a connector must be moved on the control board otherwise the fan will not spin, potentially causing hard-to-fix filament jams. The steps for doing this are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the printer is switched off and unplugged, take care not to touch or short-circuit any pins as capacitors may still be charged even when off.
  2. Remove the four bolts shown below from the TAZ 5 electronics enclosure, the enclosure cover should then detach from the main body. Place this carefully on the table ensuring the fan wire is not under tension.
    Box Screws.
  3. Locate the connector below and remove it.
    Wire 1.
  4. Reconnect the connector to the pins shown below in the top left corner of the board ensuring the positive (red) wire is on top.
    Wire 2.
  5. Replace the enclosure cover ensuring the fan is free from any loose wires. Re-secure the four bolts.


The first step is to remove the old TAZ 5 head, ensure the nozzle has cooled down before handling. This simply requires the connector to be disconnected then the single hex bolt at the top of the head to be removed. Once this is done the head should slide out of its bracket.

Install the new head into the TAZ 5 in a similar manner. This is best done by placing the right-hand corner into the mounting bracket then pressing the other side down to secure the head, this may require some force. Once mounted the securing screw at the top of the head assembly can be replaced.

Reconnect the connector ensuring that it is in the correct orientation and that all pins slide in correctly.

Parameter Changes

Some parameters must be modified to account for the change in hardware.

Extruder Steps/mm

The extruder has a different gear ratio than the stock TAZ 5 head. The extruder speed must thus be changed in the TAZ 5 control panel.

First press the selector wheel button, then scroll to Configuration then Advanced Settings and finally down to Esteps/mm. Change this value to 456.0. Note this can be off by ±0.2mm as the wheel will not always allow for precise selection. Once changed, scroll back up to Configuration to return to the previous menu, then scroll and select Store memory to save your settings.

In your slicer (eg. Cura) you must ensure that 'Extruder Steps per mm' is set to zero. This will prevent any override of your Esteps/mm setting. This should be zero by default but it may be worth checking.

Calibration of Extruder Steps/mm

It is recommended to confirm your steps/mm by following the Titan Firmware Calibration section on the Titan page. This is especially important if using a different motor than the 1.8°/step motor (200 steps/revolution).

Nozzle Diameter

By default, E3D V6s will ship with a 0.4mm nozzle. If this is different from what you currently use, change this in your slicing settings.

Filament Cooling Fan Speed

The TAZ 5 filament cooling fan stock settings do not always give good results. It is recommended to increase the filament cooling fan speed to 80-100% in your slicer if you notice any sagging of parts or excessive warping during printing.

Z-Axis Re-Calibration

Whilst the upgrade has been designed to leave the head in approximately the same place as the standard TAZ head - you will need to follow the Z-Calibration steps outlined in the TAZ Quick Start Guide.

Volcano Conversion

These instructions outline the procedure for converting the TAZ 5 Upgrade to use the Volcano Heater Block and Nozzle.

  1. Begin by following the E3D V6 nozzle swapping instructions to remove the current V6 nozzle taking care not to touch the nozzle or heater block whilst hot. Once the nozzle has been removed wait for the hot end to cool down to room temperature before handling it.
  2. When cooled, remove the V6 heater and thermistor cartridge by loosening their screw and grub screw respectively then pulling them out or pushing gently with an Allen key. Unscrew the V6 heater block from the heat break.
  3. Insert the heater and thermistor cartridges into the Volcano block ensuring the wires exit on the notched side, the block should be aligned such that it matches the figure on the right. Insert and tighten the screws and grub screw to secure the heater and thermistor cartridges, ensuring they do not move when finished. Screw the Volcano block into the heat break by rotating the heatsink, this may require some disassembly of the Titan if it is difficult to rotate.
  4. Insert the Volcano nozzle and finger tighten. Heat up the block again and follow the rest of the V6 Nozzle swapping guide to hot tighten the assembly. When finished the furthest protruding side of the Volcano heater block should be facing backwards.
  5. Remove the filament cooling fan and nozzle by unscrewing the four bolts. Replace the V6 Part Cooling Nozzle with the Volcano Part Cooling Nozzle and follow the Filament Cooling Fan installation section in the Upgrade Kit assembly guide to install the new nozzle. EDIT
  6. Clip the Z-Axis Riser onto the Z-Axis levelling screw as shown below.
  7. Follow the bed levelling instructions in the Z-Axis Re-Calibration section to bring the bed to level.